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Advertise your company with every e-mail!

You work hard to build your business. So it only makes sense to extend your company name to your on-line communication. Provide your customers with an easy-to-remember on-line identity. With Redss I.T. Solutions email service, you can send and receive messages using a professional email address such as yourname@yourcompany.com from any computer, any place in the world.

With Redss I.T. Solutions' Ad Free E-mail solution, you can provide your employees with a highly reliable, high quality e-mail service for a predictable cost. By choosing Redss I.T. Solutions' you never need to expend precious capital and human resources to run a comparable in-house system. With flexible access methods, management and administration tools and value added services, we'll keep you communicating with the immediacy, efficiency and security your business requires.

Your business benefits from:

  • Redss Email Defence Service
  • Integrated corporate identity with matching domain name and e-mail address
  • Secure SSL mailbox messaging between the end-user and mail server
  • Access to your mailbox from any computer via a Web browser
  • Additional e-mail access using most popular programs like Microsoft Outlook® and Qualcomm Eudora®
  • Anti-virus services scan ingoing and outgoing e-mail to ensure you and your customer's data is uncorrupted
  • Increased collaboration through shared mailboxes (i.e. sales, support)
  • Ability to remotely access (RPOP) e-mail from other e-mail accounts
  • 250MB base storage per mailbox with additional storage available
  • Ability to add mailbox accounts as your business grows
  • Easy to use and understand interfaces for message management including catch-all, re-assigning mailboxes, and specifying delivery options
  • Unlimited bandwidth transfer
  • Ability to send/receive large attachments, up to 25MB in size
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
Redss I.T. Solutions offers you reliable e-mail access from $15 per year.

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