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Medication Refill Demo

Introducing eMedsComplete Site

Affordable Technology.


  • Frees up your time to deal with the clients in the store.
  • Utilizes your time more effectively
  • Helps to reduce errors.
  • And a whole lot more, ask for a kit to be mailed out


Option 1

- Added to the listing of all other pharmacies on www.refillyourmedication.com and a login to view your orders.
$150.00/year + One time $25.00 Setup Fee

Option 2

- A link from your current site that only displays your companies information on www.refillyourmedication.com.
$175.00/year + One Time $50.00 Setup Fee

Option 3

  • A customized landing page for your company.
  • The medication refill will be incorparted into the site
  • No other company will be dispalyed
  • Two customized URLs: medication.yourcompanyname.com and www.yourcompanyname.com
$325.00/year + One Time $50.00 Setup Fee
Please remember, we at Redss I.T. Solutions believe in the personal touch. Call or emails us to set up an appointment to talk one on one.
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