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Computer Cleaning

Many PC users are unaware of the need for cooling and ventilation. Your computer must circulate a significant amount of air to stay cool enough to operate properly. The computer fan(s) take in cool air from outside the chassis and send the hot air out. This process leads to dust, dirt, carpet fibers, insects and animal hair being sucked into the computer.

The dust and dirt works their way into the bearings of the motors that power your disk drives and cooling fans, ultimately wearing them out. Over time, the dust and carpet fibers generally coat most of the surfaces in the computer making it run too hot.

Overheating of your PC & Servers can
  • cause your System to crash
  • cause your computer to lockup
  • cause you to loose valuable data do to system crashes
  • can destroy and cut short the life of your systems components

  • And lead to expensive repair job
    Redss I.T Solutions can help by provide a preventetive maintenance program to keep you computer running effeciently. Redss I.T. Cleaning service will
  • Clean you computer inside and out
  • Ensure your fan(s) and heat sinks are clean and working order
  • Clean keyboard and mouse
  • Clean Monitor
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